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  1. Bula from Auckland..i would like to dedicate the song to my son George and Simon attending Glenbrae School and Abraham in UK and my wife Sisilia at home and not forgetting our families back home in Fiji…Loloma from Glen Innes.

  2. Bula from Auckland.. I would like to dedicate the song to my wife and my son George and Simon attending school at Glenbrae school and Abraham in UK and my wife Sisilia and not forgetting our families back in Fiji and abroad..thank you mixfm for the beautiful love songs.. Loloma from Glen Innes❤️😘

  3. Hello Friends,

    greetings from far Germany send all of you Rainer.
    Here now is 4:27pm and I am in the garden, enjoy the sun
    and enjoy your lovely chanel. SUPER GOOD MUSIC !!!

    Greetings to all of your stuff and all the listener worldwide.

    Yes, sweet greetings again and best health for everyone and
    I hope all of you will survive also with Corona-virus and we
    all are waiting for the new golden age…

    Rainer from Uslar/Germany

    ps. End of this year I will visit your lovely country first time
    to bring hidden healting informations also to your country.
    Anway, maybe we will meet in your station or radio party…
    maybe we can meet in your station…

    1. Hello Rainer,

      We are pleased to hear from your end. We hope that you are keeping well and thank you for listening in trough our live-stream page.

      We are also looking forward to meeting you should you come in to Fiji at the end of this year. Drop us an email on when you come.

      Love and regards from the Mix FM Team.

  4. Tuning in invercargill New Zealand,from Joe,want to dedicate the next song to my family ❤️ back at home, Fiji,my son’s and there beautiful mum,kiss and hug to you all my chipmunk…love you all

  5. Tuning in invercargill New Zealand,from Joe,want to dedicate the next song to my family ❤️ back at home, Fiji,my son’s and there beautiful mum,kiss and hug to you all my chipmunk…love you all

  6. We love this Channel. Just remerbered me on my Pacific Home Tonga. Keep on playing happy Music……..:-)

  7. Can u please dedicate the next song to all Talica Anderson Fiji School of Medicine, Joana Lavoa Vunisinu Rd Tacirua, Lanieta Keretabua Lautoka Police Station, Rathivo Koroi & William at Nailuva Rd, Suva. Missing you all and thinking of you all from Vatunibale, Labasa. Amelia

  8. Bula mike we’d like to make dedications from the vunibua house in kinoya as we still mixing our last baby mix, to Talevu, nalevu, Tinai Semi and to the dedicator Lesi, can we please ask for the national anthem two sparrows in a hurricane, vinaka mike

  9. Dedicate the next song to Mr Epeli Togoloa who is enjoying the elephant mix here at Malamala st Simla with Petero Tugi.
    Request song : Two Sparrows in a Hurricane.

  10. Bula from California 🙂 I love listening to your radio station; your DJs are great and upbeat….and you have an amazing selection of songs. Keep up the great work!

    One request though: Please join other radio stations and stop playing songs of R. Kelly for now. As you might be aware, he has been accused of sexual misconduct.

    For example, your station played “I Believe I can Fly” by R. Kelly on the evening of March 12th.
    Thank you!

    1. Bula Hal,

      Thank you for your lovely company and for always tuning in.

      We thank you as well for the info on R.Kelly.

      We will be sure to discuss this matter of playing R.Kelly tracks with our announcers.

      Thank you for helping us be better at our jobs.

  11. Nice web radio, really nice, and thanks to be possible to get it live, greetings from Brazil, São Paulo.

    1. Bula Paulo,

      Happy to have you in the Fiji family …stay listening and join in and let us know how we can be of service.

      Vinaka (Thanks)
      MixFM Team

    1. Hi, sorry for the long delay. Sala has moved from Cruise Control to Nightfall now … please join her there 😀

  12. Hola: Un saludo a esas preciosas tierras desde la menos bonita España.
    Desde Getafe, en Madrid se os escucha perfectamente.
    Jose Mar4ia

  13. Awesome stuff to be able to connect with all that’s happening in Fiji through this. Great idea guys 👌🏽 Lovin the songs. Lolomas from UK ✌🏾

  14. I would like to dedicate the next song to the UNIFIL Batt 3 pers in Position 2-45 and Position 7-2. Shout out comes from none other than the OC Major Singh. Missing everyone at home and loving the music.

  15. ppliz ddcte next song to all Fiji water staff on pm shift not 4geting Homelink security crew also the Stone watch rugby club back from Rakiraki 7s tournament

  16. Dedicate next song to Michael , sito, aurther, Ben, Lilly , and kiara fong having kava at appoz kava saloon in namaka nadi n dis comes from Rajiv

  17. I would like to dedicate the next song to Losena Biau and her work crew in Raiwaqa and also to Maria Vuniivi in Ba and her family…loloma from the baby mix crew here in Santiago, Chile…

  18. Good old songs, Love it!
    Best wishes folks. Good to hear live voice from Fiji.
    Left 40 years ago and i still love the islands.
    San Jose, Ca

  19. Thanks so much Mix Fm enjoying listening to you this morning from the UAE city in Al Ain Abu Dhabi …Please dedicate that next song to all my family back at home in Sikituru,Nadi all Leano& Lesavua family in Fiji and aboard….and especially to our kids in Suva,at 23 Kishor kumar road Laucala beach…Vina du riki..Jnr Lemeki.

  20. Today’s program very very disappointing – wasted our money buying Internet credits to listen to the station – this was after lunch –

    We the Fijians were ashamed since we had Tokelaun Teachers listening and commenting on how slack the timing of the announcement of dedications.just wasted my time and breath promoting a Radio station that just let me down

  21. wow, just wow. Tubes are banging and defo lovin it. I sure should visit. Vinaka Mike for making me bloody home sick now!!

    1. Bula Mike…. God’s blessings to you and your circle of friends great work done by you all 👏
      Loloma Esther Elliot (Wedlock) Scotland.

    1. Wana dedicate the next song to my beloved fane ravoka and our daughter rachel ….dedication is coming from navitalai in savanawai stage 1 nadi

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